We made the news

Don’t worry, we can’t read it either but a great shot of Freya!

We are currently at Paradise Point on the Gold Coast getting some boat jobs done. We expect to be here for a couple of weeks. Tonight we are expecting a low of 3 degrees so we will feel right at home, although daytime temperatures have been around 20- 22c.

We are going to the pub on Wednesday night for the State of Origin game which should be fun even though we know nothing about rugby. SICYC bbq on Friday night in the park here and we have just returned from a pot luck dinner on Stray Cats with 6 other boatloads.We had a great catchup with my sister and her hubby on Saturday afternoon, live band in the park on Sunday and are looking forward to a friend joining us this weekend.

There’s no moss growing on us!

Happy Winter xo

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