Moreton bay and Wide Bay Bar

We got away from our pontoon in Runaway Bay and spent the weekend in Raby Bay where we caught up with Karen and Guy for the night.

We watched this storm roll through on Sunday afternoon which dumped quite a lot of water on us!

Monday we motored over to Peel Island and went for a walk about and scored a couple of geocaches

Tuesday morning we went to Moreton Island to go snorkelling on the wrecks. It was gorgeous.

We left Tangalooma at 2.30am to sail up to Fraser Island stopping overnight at Rainbow Beach.

This morning we crossed the Wide Bay Bar which is the worst bar in Australia. It was ok, don’t see what all the fuss is about!

We are currently anchored in Garry’s Anchorage and have been ashore for a walk and more geocaches.

It has been a cold rainy day so looking forward to some sun tomorrow.

We’ve got more exploring to do and wine to drink so later followers, Freya xo

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