Island Hopping to Airlie Beach

The internet and phone service has been pretty poor while we were island hopping into the Whitsundays.The following video is a montage of shots from Great Keppel Island, Middle Percy Island, Curlew, Keswick, Brampton and Thomas Islands.The weather has been fantastic and we have been busy swimming, kayaking, walking and socializing with fellow cruisers.

Middle Percy Island has an aframe yacht club where you can leave your calling card. We had an onshore webber roast with 12 for dinner which was most successful.

There are little biting sandflies up here called midgies. Although they haven’t been biting Liz, Tim is miserably scratching away at all his bites. They are all over his body so he kinda looks like he has the pox!

Today we sailed into Airlie Beach where we will spend a few days doing the Shagger thing before heading out to more islands while we wait for our guests to arrive on the 15th. Freya says ‘party on folks’, until the next post xo

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