One thought on “Clean Bottom

  1. Jack Windsor February 8, 2020 / 3:41 am

    Glad to hear from you , all’s well down here, seeing Jenson on Thursday for results. That medication has been really giving me hell. Hope it will be soon over. Casket business going well, two orders from Monika’s friends Lana and Kevin in Wynyard. Suffered dust in right eye from circular saw. Have now fitted eye shield over saw and vacuum cleaner underneath. Have you given any thought about exchanging boat for mobile home and heading off into the great never-never land to catch up with the other half. Mattheaw and Katie’s wedding went off quite well, not quite like yours, but ok. Expecting Louise here tomorrow; later today for weekend. Now that her mob have dispursed she is going to commute from here for a while. I will be very glad to have someone in the house with me. We are painting the floor in Sally’s old room and finding a carpet remnant for it. Your old room has now been tidied up and is ready to be slept in again. I am having a night time snack at the moment and will soon be back in bed. Love from your old Dad.

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