Studing at Sea part 3

Who needs 4 walls and a power source

A view from my desk. Photograph by Elizabeth Reeve.

In my last post I attempted to explain how hard studying online while at sea could be. This time I hope to convince you that the agony is worth it. Who doesn’t want to sit around in their togs, knee deep in the water somewhere. While studying the conventional way has advantages so does the freedom to choose where, when and how I will study. In the link I provided last post from Montgomery College it also listed some advantages to studying online. [i]

For me having the option to choose whether to get dressed or stay in my pyjamas to do some study is kind of cool. Also, should I take my laptop to the beach or coffee shop or stay on the boat? The possibilities are endless and the environment I am in when writing can mean the difference between some mundane drivel or my brilliant creative writing.  The oddesy, has an excellent blog post about the impact your environment has on your writing style.[ii]

Learning online also means that I get to manage my study time, I can be flexible about it. If I want to go snorkelling on that gorgeous coral reef or go for a paddle board over the giant clam garden, then I can because I can study anytime it suits me. If I am onshore exploring a new town, I can study with a latte and pastry overlooking a tourist attraction or beach. Most of all, choosing to study online while discovering Australia’s most beautiful places, means that I am keeping my brain active. Living and travelling on a boat is sometimes lonely and quite isolated, also long passages can be tedious. Having the chance to study Screen and Media may even open some opportunities for my photographic hobby in future.

If any of you are looking to improve yourself than I can fully recommend studying this way. Online study can be inexpensive and a great way to pass your time and improve your knowledge.

Photograph by Elizabeth Reeve, Blog Author

[i] Montgomery College

[ii]  Oddesy, post by Kathryn Borne, Clarks Summit University

2 thoughts on “Studing at Sea part 3

  1. Jackie May 1, 2021 / 5:33 pm

    Hi Liz, loved reading what you are doing. Take my hat off to you. Xxx I have (am still……. learning) to play bridge and love it. Xxx have also taken up acrylic art painting lessons. Definitely have a long way to go with that. Xxx loving life and cannot imagine anything else xx

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    • Sea Freya Afloat May 1, 2021 / 5:55 pm

      Thanks Jackie, it’s a challenge that’s for sure. Nothing in life is easy.


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