Laurieton to Coffs Harbour

We spent a great few days in Laurieton with fellow sailors having a bit of a catchup and a rest before making our way up to Iluka- Yamba for a cruise of the Clarence River.

We left at sunrise yesterday to sail 8 hours to Trial Bay.

We anchored overnight then set off for Coffs Harbour this morning. We had a couple of kodak moments along the way!

We are currently anchored in Coffs Harbour waiting to leave at 10pm to sail to Iluka and cross the bar at around 8am tomorrow morning.

There is a live webcam at Iluka if anyone wants to watch us arrive.

Now for dinner and a few zzz before we leave. XO

Seal Rocks to Camden Haven.

We arrived at Seal Rocks at midday yesterday after a 5hr sail up from Port Stephens. There was no wind so we stopped for the night. Seal Rocks is an open anchorage so we had a little bit of rolling about.As it was a glorious day and the water is 23.5c we donned the snorkelling gear and jumped in. WOW. I have never seen so many fish! It was just fabulous.Seal Rocks/ Sugarloaf PointToday we are headed to Camden Haven and Laurieton where RSL dinner and showers await.

Port Stephens and AirBuddy trial

We sailed from The Pittwater up to Port Stephens on Friday. A great 12hr sail apart from the last couple of hours. The wind got up to 40+knots and the swell was starting to build. We were very happy to pick up a mooring in Shoal Bay for the night.

Yesterday was still pretty windy so we moved over to Salamander Bay at Soldiers Point. It got a bit rough!

Luckily it was way better over there and we got ashore for a walk and had drinks on some friends boat in the evening.

Tim invested in a new start up business a few years ago for a little portable compressor to dive with. While we were in Sydney we got an email telling us it was ready to be shipped. Thankfully they let us pick it up from their factory. This involved a ferry ride, bus rides and train and light rail trips for Tim and a mate. It involved a day shopping in the city for Liz and Mrs Mate! We did however vote early so it was a good day.

The AirBuddy got packed away but Tim decided to use it today to clean Freya’s bum.

We are anchored in Fame Cove tonight which is very much like Dark Hollow. Tim drank all the rum last night so tomorrow we will re-provision before heading north on Tuesday.

Happy Mothers Day from Freya xo