Bermagui to Jervis Bay

We left Bermagui at 8am yesterday all excited for a great sail up to Jervis Bay. The light tail winds predicted turned into quite a strong breeze fair up our clacker! The waves were also building and turned into roughly 4 – 5 meters high. Freya surfed along averaging 6kn peaking at 9kn.

The autopilot decided to stop working about 6 hrs in. We went into Broulee Island to recommission it and have a quick lunch. 30 minutes saw us back out in the muck pushing on.

After a very nasty 15hrs of sailing and sloshing about we anchored in Darling Roads just inside Jervis Bay on the south side. We were hungry and tired so had a light dinner and hit the sack.

This morning we woke to see an absolutely gorgeous beach so it kind of made it worth it!

We will Easter here in JB and push on to Sydney sometime next week.

For now there are geocaches to find, swimming and exploring, and of course socializing with our sailing friends.

Happy Easter from Freya and crew xo

Beautiful Bermagui

We arrived in Bermagui NSW yesterday afternoon and will stay until at least Thursday.

We have been socializing with Hurtle Turtle, Stray Cats and Zofia last night and today. We met these boats in Hobart earlier this year so it’s good to catch up again.

This is Freya tied up to the fishermens wharf in Bermagui

The Bermagui marina.

We will post more photos when we have explored a bit more.

Anchor down after 52hrs.

Well after my (Liz) first Bass Straight crossing the anchor is down and the beer is out.

We are in East Boyd Cove at Eden NSW. The crossing was comfortable with light winds and not too much wave height. Unfortunately we ran the motor all the way! The new autopilot works a treat so we both managed to get plenty of rest.

1.Gabo Island lighthouse

2. Green Cape lighthouse

3. Boyds Tower which is an old whaling lookout at Red Point coming into Twofold Bay/ Eden

The NE Victorian coast, what we could see of it, was lovely sand dunes and beaches and part of a National Park so no houses or towns.

SE NSW also part of a National Park was much the same only with really pretty deep red cliffs.

Freya has charmed us once again with her comfort and seaworthiness.